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【Contents of construction】

Heqing Beiya Mine Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnan Gold & Mining Group Co., Ltd (YGMG). To build the group into a top-class gold enterprise both inside and outside China, YGMG selects Beiya Mine as the pilot unit of digital mine construction. Through the digital mine construction of Beiya Mine, this project deepens the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of mine enterprise, improves the intelligent exploration of mines, strengthens the enterprise core competitiveness, and achieves the safe, efficient and clean production and maximum economic benefit of mines. This project has also been duplicated in other mines owned by YGMG.

【Results of construction】

1、Establish Beiya digital mine data center, digital mine data acquisition platform, digital mine manufacturing execution system, and digital mine digital mining platform;

2、Carry out applications such as boundary mining optimization, 3D geological modeling, grade model establishment, open-pit blasting design, manufacturing plan compilation and automatic blending through DIMINE digital mining software based on existing Surpac geological model;

3、Carry out the acquisition, analysis and integration of data information arising from the production control process, establish the enterprise data center, achieve the sharing of mining and beneficiation production data, ensure unobstructed production process and stable technological process, improve production efficiency, reduce cost, increase benefit, and achieve the modern enterprise targets of IT-based enterprise production management, resource-oriented information, networked transmission and science-based management;

4、Integrate the existing mine systems such as slope online monitoring, tailing pond online monitoring, video monitoring, refuse dump online monitoring and rainfall online monitoring, carry out the management of work safety information, and achieve the integration and sharing of safety and environment data and the real-time monitoring of major hazard sources.

Mining Production Dispatching
Sample Receipt Log Book

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