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【Contents of construction】

This project involves the construction of an entire set of mining vehicle dispatching system covering the whole mining area in Chengmenshan Copper Mine, and includes wireless communication system (the mine owner has built a 4G dedicated network), on-board terminal system, mining vehicle dispatching software system, stope dispatching room control center, etc.

【Results of construction】

1、Adopt the most advanced dispatching algorithm;

2、Employ the advanced mainstream technologies in the entire system, including Beidou positioning technology, BDS positioning technology and optimal operations research algorithm;

3、Adopt the advanced design thought in the software system, and provide multiple dispatching modes;

4、Perform speed limit on truck by road condition and road section;

5、Achieve intelligent anti-collision safety warning, and effectively reduce traffic safety accident;

6、Adopt “zero” installation and “zero” configuration at the client terminal, and complete the data update by the service terminal;

7、Provide Party A with secondary development function, and add/revise the report seamlessly into the system.

Intelligent Terminal Path Navigation
Equipment Status Tracking and Positioning
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