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【Contents of construction】

Panjing Cement carries out the digital intelligent mine construction with limestone quality control as core, mine production organization process as main line, and achieving visual mine resources, rational exploration scheme, fine control of production index, intelligent production dispatching and IT-based production data as main target.

【Results of construction】

1、The intelligent mine management and control system centering on “three platforms + two systems + mine data center” solves the problem of efficient organization and management of massive multi-source heterogeneous information involved in the digital and intelligent construction of mines, and achieves the real-time, synchronous information sharing between system modules;

2、The mass balance control method based on whole business process solves the comprehensive utilization problem of low grade mineral resources under the conditions of uneven distribution of mineral resource grade;

3、The automatic blending and intelligent dispatching optimal method solves the difficult problem of grade fluctuation control;

4、The mining production management concept and technology innovation improves the production efficiency, and solves unsafe production factors arising from excessive manual decisions and commands

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