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【Contents of construction】

The contents of Luoyang Fuchuan Mining (Shangfanggou) Co., Ltd. open mine digital intelligent mine project construction include digital mining software platform, automatic blending system, manufacturing execution system (MES), intelligent dispatching system, 3D visualization system, etc.

【Results of construction】

This project achieves the integrated loop management of the mine safety, plan, blending, manufacturing, dispatching, measurement and visualization modules of Shangfanggou open mines through IT-based cutting-edge technology. With the mine production, safety monitoring data and spatial database as the foundation and the mine resource and exploration environment 3D spatial virtual environment as the platform, the project utilizes DIMINIE software, 3D GIS, virtual reality (VR), internet of things and other technologies to carry out the 3D digital modeling of exploration environment and manufacturing processes such as open mine deposit geology, blasting muckpile, step, transport road, crushing station, and shovel loading and transportation equipment. Relying on the mine production statistical report, manufacturing plan, safety monitoring and vehicle dispatching systems, the project supports enterprise production dispatching and production and operation management and control, achieves the central, real-time management of whole mine safety information, and solves the problem of mine information island.

3D Visualization System
Intelligent Dispatching System
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