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【Contents of construction】

Henan Mengdian Group Hongtai quarry lacks the IT-based construction basis. Through carrying out the corresponding digital, intelligent and IT-based construction of mines, this project builds a ecological and intelligent mine with quality control as core, achieves the intelligent mining operations of limestone mine, and builds a benchmark enterprise in the cement industry in Henan.

【Results of construction】

1、Accurate control of ore grade

2、Real-time dispatching management of mining area truck intelligent dispatching

3、The central management and control of orebody, personnel, equipment, safety and vehicle at the dispatching and command center

【Innovation highlights】

1、Mobile push of ore quality data makes it convenient for relevant manager to carry out real-time monitoring and control, and timely make decisions

2、The inspection of raw material, process material and finished products by the quality inspection and chemical analysis module facilitates the timely adjustment of production control parameters, and ensures the quality of products

3、Achieve the compilation, approval, issue, adjustment and tracking analysis of production plan

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