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【Contents of construction】

Sinoma Zhuzhou Cement Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China National Non-metallic Materials Corporation Co., Ltd. (Sinoma), which is a central enterprise under the direct administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The contents of Sinoma (Zhuzhou) digital intelligent mine project construction include digital mining software platform, automatic blending system, manufacturing execution system (MES) and 3D visualization system.

【Results of construction】

1、Establish the mine data center, and achieve the authority management and data connectivity of “three platforms + two systems”;

2、Establish the digital intelligent mine system coordination platform, and achieve the process-oriented business handling through the form of to-do list;

3、Promote the in-depth application of mobile terminal, and achieve daily log book view, message push, blasthole coordinate upload and group information upload through App;

4、Automatically acquire the production dispatching data, weighbridge data, equipment management data and production log book data, and provide the quantitative assessment basis for mine production;

5、Achieve the synchronization of 3D visualization management and control system model and data, update the surface, pit and blasting muckpile models in real time, and update blasting muckpile quantity and other information in real time;

6、Run through all operation links of open mine exploration, promote the data circulation and information circulation of all business links, and improve the business handling efficiency and accuracy.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
3D Visualization System
Digital Mining Software Platform

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